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Welcome to eBattles

eBattles is a plugin for e107 CMS that lets you organize your own Gaming Ladders and Tournaments!
eBattles features:
  • Fully automated Ladders, Leagues and Tournaments.
  • Suitable for all types of multiplayer games especially action, card, board and strategy games.
  • Teams or Individual.
  • Teams with Divisions for each game.
  • Teams/Players ranked using complex ranking algorithm for more accurate ranking. (ELO, TrueSkill™ ...)
  • Support multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, Danish and Czech)
If you want to try this site you can sign up, or login with 'test' username (password=test).
You can then:
  • Create/Moderate/Join Events from "eBattles" menu.
  • Participate in Events, by submitting matches ("Quick Loss report" for simple 1v1 matches, or "Match Report" for other games).
  • Create/Moderate/Join Teams.
Download eBattles 0.9.12 Demo


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